I want to share

The other night, I was going back through a history of rap music. I realized how much I’d forgotten, and how fun it was to re-introduce myself to songs and culture that I’d known before. I wanted to be able to have a place that would prevent me from forgetting again, and a tool to share with others.

Not just knowledge, but the experience

It’s easy for me to imagine my nephew & niece as the target audience here, as they’re just getting old enough to understand what a lot of these experiences felt like to me. After some thought, I realized it’s not age that is important, but the ignorance of a topic. It’s wonderful being able to share my love for something with someone who hasn’t got a clue that that thing even exists.

I want to be able to share not only the knowledge, but also the feeling of walking in my shoes, getting to experience these new things in the same way.

I hope there’s something in here for you.


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Things you should know

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